The Rabbit Hole

He spent the next few years, from 2000-2002, visiting more than forty distilleries around Russia, first looking to import an existing brand, and later creating his own brand and recipe. He put the knowledge he learned from so many along the way into Zyr vodka. He fermented and distilled different blends of wheat, rye, corn, oat, barley, beets and more to perfect the fresh and slightly sweet flavor of Zyr, and the process to ensure an ultra smooth texture. The goal then was the same today, to make the finest vodka in flavor, texture and purity without cutting a corner.

No One Man,

Not Even A Celebrity

No brand makes it to your favorite backbar or store shelf without the help of so many. Much of that help costs money, from lawyers to designers, trial runs and bottles, corks and cases. Zyr made it thanks to more than twenty friends, family and early investors, who joined Dave on his journey. Muts & Joy were the initial designers and share a patent on the bottle shape with Dave. Lawyers protected the brand, hundreds of distributor reps gave us insight into the route to market and Saverglass, a top glass company in France, helped bring Zyr to life in 2002.

From America,

With Love

As Russia invaded the Ukraine, the Zyr world was turned upside down. Imagine watching bars pour your brand out into the street on national TV and stores post a Ukrainian flag as you searched for Zyr vodka. President Biden almost put the final nail in Zyr's coffin, by banning Russian vodka, caviar and fur coats in March 2022. But we may have to thank him for forcing us to craft Zyr elsewhere, which meant of course trying right here at home.

We invite you to join us on this journey!